Beth Lindstrom Criticizes GOP Rivals for Ducking WCVB-TV Channel 5 Debate

NEEDHAM, MA – U.S. Senate candidate Beth Lindstrom issued the following statement in response to her opponents ducking today’s debate at WCVB-TV Channel 5.

“Today I had hoped to debate my two primary opponents on WCVB-TV’s “On the Record” public affairs show but they both declined. This is unfortunate for two reasons. First, I believe voters deserve to hear from the candidates. A debate is an opportunity for people with different perspectives and experiences to lay out their vision and how they plan to conduct themselves in office. When candidates refuse to debate, they deprive voters of the right to examine their views. Second, I have real differences with both John Kingston and Geoff Diehl. Unlike Geoff Diehl, I am not a politician. I am a small business owner who knows what it takes to meet a payroll. The last thing we need is to send another politician to Washington. John Kingston left the Republican Party in 2016 to protest Donald Trump’s candidacy for president. I have a 30-year record as a dependable and trustworthy advocate for the Republican party, never yielding, never stepping away. We have a chance in 2018 to defeat Elizabeth Warren, one of the most polarizing figures in the U.S. Senate. But we will not make any progress if my opponents want to hide under a rock.”