Beth Lindstrom Delivers Speech at MassGOP Convention

WORCESTER, MA: U.S. Senate candidate Beth Lindstrom delivered the following remarks on Saturday at the Massachusetts Republican State Convention:

Thank you all so much.  I am humbled to stand before you on this grand stage and I would not be here today without the tremendous support I have received from my family and many of you who have helped me along the way. Thank you, Dave and Betty for your kind words and thank you to my boys and my husband for their love and encouragement.

In some ways I feel like I am returning to my roots.  My grandparents came from Sweden and settled in a triple decker here in Worcester on Steele Street. My dad grew up in this city on Peacedale Avenue, and my mom grew up right down the road in Sutton, on beautiful Lake Manchaug where I spent every summer.  In a lot of ways Worcester County feels like home.

I am excited and energized by the many familiar faces and old friends I see here today. I have worked side by side with many of you in campaigns from years past, helping to elect Republicans in Massachusetts.

And in nearly every case where we were successful, we were warned the odds were against us. But we proved the naysayers wrong!

Now another opportunity is upon us, and it is only with your help and support, that I intend to win the office of United States Senator of Massachusetts!

I am not a professional politician. This is my first time as a candidate. But I will say the same thing to you that I said to Ray Shamie, Chairman of the Party, when he first hired me three decades ago: “Give me a chance.  You won’t be disappointed.”  I promise to outwork Elizabeth Warren every day and challenge her at every turn!

She is an extremist, out of step and out of touch with the people she’s
supposed to represent.

She likes to portray herself as the only politician looking out for their interests.  As always with her, the facts tell a different story.

The truth is she’s running for President, and she’s doing everything she can to put the spotlight on herself and win the support of the far left. And in a contest between Senator Warren and the rest of the Democrat field over who’s “more liberal,” Massachusetts always loses.

Elizabeth Warren supports a large and expansive federal government that tells us what we can and cannot do. Government, in her view, is the “cop on the beat” that blows the whistle on its own citizens.

But during this campaign, who is going to keep an eye on Senator Warren?  Who is going to blow the whistle on HER?


When she puts her political ambitions ahead of the interests of Massachusetts . . .

I will blow the whistle on her!

When she attacks an effort to spare our small-town community banks from being suffocated by over regulation…

I will blow the whistle on her!

When she turns her back on our hospitals and universities because she views efforts to finance life-saving medical research as a giveaway to corporations . . .

I will blow the whistle on her!

And when she speaks out against tax relief for individuals, families and small businesses . . .

I will certainly blow the whistle on her!

When Senator Warren first ran for office, she stated she had done three things in her life: teach, write books and “throw rocks.”

Well, to get legislation passed and to solve problems you have to be able to work with others.  And no one wants to work with a rock thrower. I am not a rock thrower.

I will contrast her empty failures with my own record of success — as a mom and wife, as the first female Director of the Massachusetts Republican Party, as the state’s Secretary of Consumer Affairs, and as an entrepreneur and a small business owner.

In all of those jobs, I’ve learned a few things. If you invest in relationships, instead of demeaning others and looking for headlines, you can find solutions that work for everyone.

It was with that attitude, that we were able to cut unnecessary regulations for businesses at Consumer Affairs and saved our citizens millions of dollars by laying the ground work for the introduction of competition to the state’s auto insurance market.

I’ll roll up my sleeves and get to work in Washington too  . . . to make our military strong, to preserve our free enterprise system, to help families keep more of the money they earn, and yes, to secure our borders,   including building a wall!

You may have noticed Senator Warren goes around the country campaigning for sanctuary cities, as if the rule of law no longer applies.  Here is my message for you Senator Warren.  You don’t get to decide which laws to follow. Sanctuary cities violate federal law and Senator Warren, whether you are a professor of law or a maker of laws, you are not above the law!

Let there be no misunderstanding: I support legal immigration, it makes our country rich and diverse. Our forbearers came to this country from all over the world – but they did so legally.

I support our nation’s military, and to all our veterans who have sacrificed to make our country that shining beacon of hope in the world, you have our everlasting gratitude. Before we increase spending on anything else, before we create a single new program, we must pledge total funding for the needs of our veterans.

Let’s be clear here.  Yes, this election is about defeating Elizabeth Warren, but it is also about so much more. Too many of our politicians no longer reflect our values.  They push their own agendas and demonize those who disagree.  This has become the new normal in today’s political debate. It’s time for us to find our voice. It is time for us to tell our politicians to stop disrespecting our points of view and start reflecting our values!

This is the challenge I’m going to bring to the Democrats in November. And when Senator Warren complains that she’s only being criticized because she’s a woman, I’ll just say, “nice try.”

One memory I will always treasure is attending the 1988 Republican National Convention. It was one of the most moving experiences of my life.  As I stood on the floor, I was overcome with emotion. I was so proud of our country, so proud of the values that were on display — values like faith, family, patriotism and freedom.  It reflected so much of what I had believed in.   It reinforced in me the great feeling of love I have for this country and reminded me how lucky we are to live in the land of freedom and opportunity.   Maybe that’s sounds corny.  But I don’t think so.

Many of you in this hall know me, and some of you, I’m meeting for the first time but my 30-year record as a dependable and trustworthy worker for this party, never yielding, never stepping away, speaks for itself. Those are my credentials as a Massachusetts Republican. My actions tell the true story.

And that is how it should be — for Senator Warren, for me and for all elected officials — we should be judged by our actions.

For those of you here today who support my campaign, I cannot thank you enough. For those of you supporting another candidate, I appreciate your sincere efforts on behalf of our party.

And for those still making up your minds: I ask you to put me to work. Give me a chance. I won’t let you down.

I am Beth Lindstrom, a strong, proud and loyal Republican woman. Give me the privilege to serve the people of this great state, I ask for your vote.

Thank you, and God bless the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.