Debate Challenge 2018: Where’s Geoff Diehl?

Today, U.S. Senate candidate Beth Lindstrom sent a letter to Representative Geoff Diehl urging him to debate.

Dear Representative Diehl:

As I travel around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, voters are expressing their desire to hear from the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate regarding the issues important to the state and the nation.

The people of Massachusetts care deeply about their communities and the quality of representation from their elected officials. They deserve to hear from the candidates on the issues of the day so that they can judge who is best suited to run and win against Senator Elizabeth Warren in the November.

So far, we have received four debate invitations, all of which I have accepted. They are: 1) Boston Herald Radio, 2) a UMass-Boston debate hosted by WBUR and the Boston Globe, 3) WCVB’s “On the Record,” and 4) a WGBH TV debate hosted by Jim Braude. I had hoped that you would be eager to debate for the reasons I’ve set forth, but I’m informed that you have yet to commit to any one of these invitations. Will you publicly agree to these debates now?

I believe that our different career paths — you as a professional legislator, myself as a small business owner and the state’s former Director of Consumer Affairs — have shaped who we are and the type of representation we each offer the people of Massachusetts. Let’s give the voters an opportunity to hear from us in person. This is not the time to be playing political hide-and-seek. I am ready to debate now. I look forward to hearing from you on this important topic.


Beth Lindstrom

Candidate for U.S. Senate