Representative Steven Howitt endorses Beth Lindstrom for U.S. Senate

Today, State Representative Steven Howitt is on the campaign trail in Attleboro announcing his endorsement of Beth Lindstrom, candidate for U.S. Senate.

Howitt said, “I believe that Beth Lindstrom is our best choice as a candidate for US Senate. Beth will lower
taxes which will help individuals and families to make ends meet. She will be accountable to the
voters of Massachusetts first and she will work for our best interests in Washington.

Beth continues to meet constituents on her ‘Small Business Tour’ across the Commonwealth.
She’s been actively getting to know people in the district personally – learning which issues
matter most to them, what is working well, and what changes are needed. She’s ready to work.

As a woman whose career as an advocate for the people of the Commonwealth spans three
decades, Beth Lindstrom will level the playing field. Candidates should always be judged on
their credentials, and Beth’s experience speaks for itself. Beth is a candidate with a proven
record to win the election in November.

I am proudly supporting Beth Lindstrom for US Senate. I ask you to get out to vote, and
volunteer to help. We need your vote for Beth Lindstrom in the Primary on September 4th.”