Warren challenger Lindstrom tours Gloucester’s fishing infrastructure

On Saturday morning, first-time candidate Beth Lindstrom motored to Gloucester to tour the city’s iconic waterfront by water, visit some of the shoreside infrastructure for a firsthand look at the economic perils faced by commercial fishing stakeholders and take part in the blessing and christening of Intershell’s new surf clam boat, Bing Bing.

“Obviously, the fishing industry has shrunk and it’s really hard for these people to make a living,” Lindstrom said when asked what she took away from her tour. “I guess I didn’t really realize the extent of the problem.”

It also didn’t take her long to zero in one of the primary challenges of trying to make a living as a commercial fisherman — government regulation.

“The regulations are intense and they’re such a dis-incentive,” she said. “The whole ecosystem has affected everybody.”

You can read the full article by Sean Horgan of the Glocouster Times here: http://www.gloucestertimes.com/news/fishing_industry_news